Sonja Hrvenic // Last import // 2014

sonja_hrvenic_madja_edelstein-gomezArt movements: iPhotoglitch art, soft-porn databending, recombinant archaeomachinism, mitteleuropa heteronymism. //


Sonja Hrvenic (b. 1994) is one of the most prominent figures of contemporary Art. Working across a variety of media including painting, net art, photography and installation, she draws inspiration from her mother’s life story, an erotic and porn star. She also derives much of her visual language from the sex live of stars. Her subject matter has been described previously as “the dirty, glitched, recycled and patched-together fabric of porn images.”  In her  work, Sonja Hrvenic uses many aliases. “I have so many names. That is natural in artistic life.” Sonja Hrvenic lives and works in Los Angeles (CA).