Fumiko Noto // Gazelle // 2013

fumiko_noto_madja-edelstein-gomezArt movements: recombinant avatarism art, radical plagiarism, tuning contemporary dramaturgy, japanese neopop-art. //


“We don’t need creativity, we don’t need appropriation, we need improvement, i.e. plagiarism and recirculation.” (Fumiko Noto, Kyoto Shimbun, May 01, 2013).

“Me and Madja are the only artists and curators on the world to like  car tuning. Do you know why? Neither do we.” (Fumiko Noto, Asahi Shimbun, Nov. 20, 2009).

“When I write my own playwrights, I try to make shorter sentence, using fewer difficult words to improve readibility. But I can’t.” (Fumiko Noto, Theater Magazine, Jan. 6, 2011).

“Do you like my artworks? That’s good, because I am not the author.” (Fumiko Noto,  Kyoto Shimbun, May 01, 2013).

“I never express myself publicly in Japanese, because I like being the avatar of myself.” (Fumiko Noto, Chunichi Shimbun, Aug. 12, 2012).