Sonja Hrvenic // Last import // 2014

Art movements: iPhotoglitch art, soft-porn databending, recombinant archaeomachinism, mitteleuropa heteronymism. // WHO IS SONJA HRVENIC Sonja Hrvenic (b. 1994) is one of the most prominent figures of contemporary Art. Working across a variety of media including painting, net art, photography and installation, she draws inspiration from her mother’s life story, an erotic and porn star….

Prateep Kochabua // Churning of the Milk Ocean // 2010

Art movements: inceptionism neo-kitsch, psycho-porn realism, thai neo-surrealist painters. The 49-meter bas-relief depicting the Churning of the Sea of Milk (ca. 1200 CE) carved into the southwest corner pavilion of Angkor Wat, hacked by Prateep Kochabua.

Fumiko Noto // Gazelle // 2013

Art movements: recombinant avatarism art, radical plagiarism, tuning contemporary dramaturgy, japanese neopop-art. // FUMIKO NOTO QUOTES “We don’t need creativity, we don’t need appropriation, we need improvement, i.e. plagiarism and recirculation.” (Fumiko Noto, Kyoto Shimbun, May 01, 2013). “Me and Madja are the only artists and curators on the world to like  car tuning. Do…